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Laboratory: Euro Pharmacies,
Form: Oral,
Molecule: Stanozolol,
Concentration: 10mg / tablet,
Presentation: 100 Tablets,
Recommended dosage: 20-80mg / day



Buy Stanozolol 10mg Online

Buy Stanozolol 10mg Online -Stanozolol tablets are a synthetic anabolic steroid that resembles testosterone. Stanozolol is both an anabolic and androgenic hormone. In females it does cause civilizing effects.

The lure of easy money has gotten many people in the business of selling fake anabolic steroids on cyberspace. And the DEA closely monitors each site because the selling and distribution of any anabolic steroid is illegal.

Stanozolol tablets can be applied for both therapeutic and athletic needs. This medicine may be prescribed in case of anemia and hereditary type of angioedema. While anemia is an illness that is known by numerous people.

Many generic stanozolol products sold over the internet have been analyzed and found to contain harmless cholesterol like molecules with contaminants. So for the bodybuilder interested in anabolic steroids, the internet is not is not the place to buy the drug as the purity cannot be established.

Buy Stanozolol 10mg Online

Side effects

Like all anabolic steroids, stanozolol also has some side effects Such As:

  • Hepatic necrosis
  • Liver cancers
  • Nausea, diarrhea

While most of these changes reverse after stopping the drug, some of the virilizing effects may be irreversible. For women who do take this drug, a word of warning. The drug should be stopped at the first signs of virilization because some of the masculine features may not reverse even after the drug is stopped.

Winstrol has also been associated with reports of extensive liver damage which can be life threatening. Therefore, it is highly recommended that anyone using anabolic steroids regularly has their liver function regularly monitored.

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