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Manufacturer Novocrine
Age Group Adult
Packaging Type Vial
Packaging Size 150mg
Brand Trenasim
Composition Trenbolone: Enanthate, Acetate Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate


Buy Trenbolone Mix 150mg Online

Buy Trenbolone Mix 150mg Online – Trenbolone Mix is a mixture of all 3 different trenbolone compounds and with this being said, without any doubts, this is one of the most powerful steroids that you would ever find on the market and this a product that is specifically created and designed for huge increases in muscle mass as well as offering a lot of physical performance enhancement.

Trenbolone Mix 150 was manufactured by SP Laboratories and this is a pharmaceutical company that has created this product specifically for physique and performance enhancement purposes, and since this is a product containing 3 forms of Trenbolone – one of the most powerful agent in existence, the results out of using this compounds are expected to be huge.

Trenbolone Mix 150 is containing 50 mg of each compound in particular (hence making 150 mg per ml and that’s how it got this name) – Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enantahte andTrenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (shortly called Hexa).

Trenbolone Acetate is having the shortest half life out of 3 time but is by far the most used form of trenbolone. Trenbolone Hexa is the second most famous and used form of Trenbolone and the longest half life which can be up to 14 days. Trenbolone Enanthate is somewhere in the middle offering a half life of around 7 days.

Buy Trenbolone Mix 150mg Online

When talking about Trenbolone Mix 150 specifically then we can say that it does not have any other uses than physique and performance enhancement. This compound was made specifically for such purposes as there are people who often use 2 or even all 3 trenbolone compounds at once.

SP Laboratories made a single product containing all 3 forms so you can use it hassle free. As mentioned, ultimately, you would receive just Trenbolone and this compound itself is used for various needs, veterinary as well as clinical uses. However, the product is rarely used in humans. Mainly, is used as a veterinary medicine in livestock for increasing muscles growth and appetite.

Obviously, with such uses, humans would expect pretty much the same results. Those who are using it are gaining a lot of muscle mass and they have huge strength increases. That’s all thanks to Trenbolone’s extremely huge anabolic and androgenic activity which is 5 times the potency of testosterone as it offers Anabolic to Androgenic ratio of 500:500.

This steroid is considered the best steroid for cutting and hardening purposes because you gain muscle mass while cutting down (dieting) and is also extremely often used for bulking purposes when the individuals wants to add as much muscle mass as possible.

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