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Active Ingredient: Mesterolone 10 mg
Bottle Count: 50 Tablets
Active Half-life: 12 Hours
Classification: Anabolic
Dosage Men: 30-100 Mg/day
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: No
Concentration: 25 mg/tab
Presentation: 50 Tablets (Total box 1250 mg)
Dosage: 30-100 mg per day over the course of 8-12



Buy Proviron 10mg Online

Buy Proviron 10mg Online – Proviron is used to replace testosterone in men with hypogonadism. Male hypogonadism is a condition when the body does not produce enough testosterone.

Testosterone is a natural male hormone, known as an androgen, which controls normal sexual development in men.

Testosterone is essential for the development and maintenance of the male reproductive organs as well as other male characteristics, such as hair growth, deep voice, sexual drive, muscle mass and body fat distribution.

Proviron is for use in male patients only.

Buy Proviron 10mg Online

Mesterolone, sold under the brand name Proviron among others, is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) medication which is used mainly in the treatment of low testosterone levels. It has also been used to treat male infertility, although this use is controversial. It is taken by mouth.
What are the side effects of Proviron?
  • headache.
  • fluid retention.
  • breast enlargement.
  • increased sexual drive.
  • psychiatric disturbances such as depression, aggression, increased or decreased energy levels, elation or irritability.
  • acne.
  • excessive hairiness.
  • premature puberty.

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