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Manufacturer NIVA LIFECARE
Packaging Size 10 ampoules of 1 ml per pack
Brand Name PROPIO
Packaging Type 10 ampoules of 1 ml in a box pack.
Prescription/Non prescription Non prescription


Buy Propionate-Testosterone Online

Buy Propionate-Testosterone Online – Testosterone Propionate is the shortest ester attached to the Testosterone hormone.

It is also responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics.

Testosterone is responsible for promoting health and well-being through enhanced libido, energy, immunity, increased fat loss, gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass, preventing Osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and possible protection against heart disease.

Buy Propionate-Testosterone OnlineĀ 

Testosterone Propionate is similar to the natural male hormone, testosterone. It works by replenishing the deficient testosterone levels in adult men. Lack of testosterone may cause various health problems including impotence, infertility, low sex drive, tiredness, depressive mood and bone loss.

Acne, Injection site pain, Weight gain, Increased red blood cells, Prostate enlargement, Headache


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