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Brand: Axis hormones

Purity: 100

Grade: A

Usage/Application: Sub curtaneous

Packaging Type: Pen

Packaging Size: 30mg



Buy PEG-MGF 2mg Online

Buy PEG-MGF 2mg Online – PEG-MGF is Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, long-acting variant of MGF, with significantly extended biological elimination half-life: Main disadvantage of MGF (IGF-1Ec) is an extremely short half-life, calculated in a few minutes only (only 5-7 minutes).

Pegylation is the process of joining 1 or more strings with the aid of a substance called polyethylene glycol (PEG) molecule to the protein or peptide.

Polyethylene glycol is an inert, non-toxic and very appropriate protection of the amine group due to its structure and flexibility. Since the body does not respond to PEG, its helps to provide a protective barrier around the desired protein or peptide.

This results to increase of its half-life and peptide will be able to survive in the body and act a much longer. Pegylation is often used to protect substances that are often exposed to enzymatic attacks.

Buy PEG-MGF 2mg Online

  • Strong anabolic effect and ability repair and rebuild muscles
  • Ability to induce muscle hyperplasia (growth of new muscle cells)
  • Neuro-protective effect (protects the nervous system and brain functions)
  • Mediates myocardial cell survival and myocardium repairs
  • Important roles in tissue growth and wound healing
  • Positive role on bone injury healing

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