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Buy Parabolon 500mcg Online

Buy Parabolon 500mcg Online – Parabolan 500 is a powerful steroid based on Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and is produced. It has a long-lasting action that allows you to reduce the number of injections to one shot for ten days.

This steroid has high androgenic and anabolic activity and is used to increase and develop dry and well-defined muscle mass. It can be found in the body within five months from the last injection. It suits all kinds of different sports: from athletics, bodybuilding, martial arts to arm wrestling.

Buy Parabolon 500mcg Online

Trenbolone was developed for use in veterinary medicine. It was used to increase the appetite of animals for subsequent weight gain. But soon it proved its effectiveness as a doping agent for athletes and began to be used as a sports drug. “Tren Hex” is now widely used today and is always available in our online shop.

Below we have highlighted the main properties of Parabolan:

  • The product is mainly used to gain muscle mass, increase performance and endurance during strenuous training.
  • Tren Hex enhances the secretion of insulin-like growth factors, and growth hormone, which contributes to the fat-burning effect.
  • An increase in sexual activity is often observed during the entire course of use.

The preparation has the strongest androgenic properties and a powerful effect on the body. Because of this, there is a great risk of side effects.

It is not recommended for female athletes to take injections of Parabolan, as it can lead to coarsening of the voice, aggressiveness, male-type hairiness, and acne.

Other side effects include: increased blood pressure, inhibition of natural testosterone production and partial reduction of libido.

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