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Form Other
Packaging Size injection
Packaging Type Vial
Purity 100%
Usage/Application bluk muscle size, strength
Brand swiss nova


Buy GHRP-6 5mg Online

Buy GHRP-6 5mg Online – GHRP-6 peptide (Growth hormone-releasing peptide-6) is synthetic analogue of endogenous opioid peptide met-enkephalin, includes unnatural D-amino acids, and belongs to the growth hormone secretagogues group and its ghrelin receptor agonists subgroup.

Growth hormone secretagogues (GHS) lack opioid activity but are powerful stimulants of growth hormone production. Simultaneously GHS are distinct from growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) in that they share no sequence relation and derive their function through activation of a completely different receptor – growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR; or often called simple as ghrelin receptor).

Natural endogenous ligand of Growth hormone secretagogue receptors is endogenous hormone Ghrelin. All ghrelin receptor agonists (incl. GHRP-6 peptide) act as synthetic ghrelin mimetics. GHRP-6 peptide is structurally very similar to its predecessor GHRP-2 peptide.

Buy GHRP-6 5mg Online

Benefit of GHRP-6

  • Improved overall regeneration.
  • Anti-aging and rejuvenating effects.
  • Improved vitality, freshness.
  • Increased collagen production, healthier skin.
  • Increase in muscle mass and performance.
  • Reduction of excess body fat.
  • Improved sleep.

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